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Can you help Bradford Craig Starkie?

I'm looking for information on my step grandmother.  Perhaps you can help me?


My maternal grandfather was married three times.  Mavis, the woman who is second from the right in the photo below, was my grandfather's third wife.  Her name was Mavis.  She identified as Anglo-Indian and was living in Huntingdale, Western Australia when she met my grandfather.  I believe Mavis was born in India.  I believe they married around 1980, and this photo was taken on the day of their wedding, not long after they met.  They met via the personal columns in the newspaper which was the 1970s equivalent of internet dating.  I never actually met Mavis, but I met her daughter, son-in -and grandson once around 1980.  The grandson was in school at the time, possibly Southern River Collage in Gosnells or Huntingdale Primary.  They lived in Huntingdale WA.  Her grandson would be in his 50s or 60s now.  Mavis died on 13 Mar 1994 in Gosnells, and is buried with my grandfather in Midland Cemetery.  I'm interested in knowing a bit more about Mavis.  I have researched my family history, and Mavis's story is part of the story of my family.

I was raised in Thornlie and my recollection is that there weren't a lot of people of Angl- Indian descent in the City of Gosnells at that time, so if you went to school with a boy of Indian descent in the Gosnells area in the late 70s or early eighties, that person may be my step cousin.

If you are related to Mavis or know someone who is or knows who she is I would appreciate a message.  Otherwise please forward the message to anyone you know who is in the Gosnells or W.A. Anglo-Indian Community.

To Contact me please message me on Facebook ( Bradford Craig Starkie ) or call me on 0409 861861.




Can You Help Johnny Bartels?

I’ve been trying to find some old friends as contact over the years had been lost and I am hoping you maybe able to help reunite us old fogeys.

We lived with a family called the Faulkner’s in Nagpur in India before leaving in 1960 for the UK.

I am trying to get in touch with their son, Lenard Faulkner, who came to England first then migrated to Perth.   He worked on the Railway as a Chief Engineer and left the UK in late 60 early 70.  He was a well known boxer on the Railway circuit.  He was kind, humble and thoughtful.

The other well know sportsmen were the PEARCE BROTHERs who left India for Australia and introduced the game of Hockey to Australia taking them into 2 Olympic winners.   I did speak to Eric the eldest but lost his telephone number and his email address.   Eric remembers they lived for a while in my Fathers Bungalow in Nagpur before migrating to Perth.   I was about 6 or 7 years old.

If you are able to trace these wonderful men I’d be over the moon as I feel we are all on borrowed time and that’s what concerns me and I would be extremely grateful to you and your Association.

Johnny Bartels


Whatsup  07491862396

Can you help Robin Arnold?

My name is Robin Arnold and I am a senior lecturer at Sydney University.   I have just completed a book on the life and times of Dr James Anderson (JA) who was aPhysician General of the Madras Presidency between 1780 & until  his death in 1809. The book not only covers aspects of JA's life and that of some of his descendants, but also covers scientific and medical aspects of that era of the Raj.


JA and his Anglo-Portuguese housekeeper, Francesca Manuel, had two children including a son, Thomas.  One of Thomas' descendants was Archibald John Huntley who enlisted in the Dorestshire Regiment at the start of WWI and was killed in Mesopotamia on 7th January, 1916.  I came across an Internet reference to this in the form of an Anzac day tribute by Erna Thomas who was Archibald's great niece.   The reference to Anzac Day makes me believe that Erna may currently live in Australia and I am hoping that she may be one of your members.   If so and if she is willing and interested I would be most pleased to talk to her about her distinguished ancestor.  


Robin Arnold -

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